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Why invest in Boca del Río?

October 28, 2020

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Real estate investment

Boca del Río is one of the most important towns in the State of Veracruz, thanks to its attractiveness as a tourist destination, as well as its financial and business environment. As a city that has become more important in recent years, temporary and permanent stay services, such as hotels and real estate developments, have increased and grown greatly.

By having a large percentage of investment, both private and public initiative; Real estate developments in Boca del Río have become a great investment option. Get to know the value differentiators in this beautiful city!

Tourist destination

Boca del Río has numerous cultural centers and points of tourist attraction, which bring hundreds of tourists a year; making tourism one of the main economic and commercial activities of the place.

Culturally, Boca del Río houses sites of historical importance, as well as beautiful natural settings and various cultural centers that enrich the tourist experience. Here you can find the fort of San Juan de Ulúa, one of the largest and oldest in America; Likewise, it is home to several museums of historical and cultural importance such as the Xalapa Museum of Anthropology, the Coffee Museum, the Naval Historical Museum and the Veracruz Wax Museum, among others.

One of the main attractions in the city is ecotourism and water sports, offering activities such as kitesurfing, sandboarding, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, camping, among others. One of the most visited places in the city is the Island of Sacrifices; a destination where many arrive for tours or on their private boats and yachts, to enjoy a time of rest and fun.

Business district

Another important aspect of this city is the commercial and business environment. Strongly linked to tourism in the city, the economic activity of the place is enriched by several establishments such as the World Trade Center and its connectivity with important seaports and the Veracruz International Airport.

The Riviera Veracruzana is classified as one of the best and most stable economic zones in the country, thanks to the high commercial activity facilitated by its seaports and commercial meeting points; making it one of the main markets to invest is the real estate sector. It was listed by the World Bank as one of the 10 best places to invest due to its strong real estate market and opening costs.

Being the services of accommodation and temporary or permanent stay; Boca del Río has numerous hotel establishments, as well as vertical housing real estate developments, many of them first class.

What are you waiting for to invest in a profitable development in Boca del Río?

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